1. scottieb99

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    Feb 24, 2009
    United States
    OK. I have some channels made by loadstructor that have been working for a while. Now when I try to launch them I get the above message with verbose output enabled otherwise I get a waiting for device countdown. The only change is that I upgraded to cIOS rev.19. They were working perfectly under rev.17. I installed rev.19 as base 57. I remade the channels using ios 222 instead of 249 and it will work but there is a black screen for at least 30 seconds before it will load and 223 wont load.. Do I need to go back to rev. 17 for everything to work properly? Thanks in advance.

    Edit - Went back to rev.17 and it started to work again but I would really like to use 19 with base 57. Any ideas?
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