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    May 12, 2008
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    Hi! I got my wii modded in December with a wiikey and made sure it worked with Super Mario Galaxy when It was modded. A few months later, Super Mario Galaxy suddenly stopped working. When i would put in the disk, i would get error code #001 unauthorized device has been detected. I didn't really know how to fix it so I left it like that. A few months later now, Smash bros. has come out. My cousin sent me a copy he burned on a Verbatim disk. It works with his wii which has wiikey/latest firmware. He sent it over, and unfortunately it does not work on my wii. I get the error #001, and other times i get "please eject the disk and power off the wii" or something similar to that. What should I do? Is there a possibiiity that I should use a different disk even though it worked on my cousin's wii? is my wiikey screwed? I just burned some GC games on a GCOS DVD and they do work (although not every time... sometimes it takes a few tries). Would there be a point of downloading the set-up disk??
    Thanks for your help, and i'm sorry if this has ben posted before..which i'm sure it has been. thanks again!