Error -2011 when instalingl cIOS36 Rev7 on a LU 64 V4U Wii

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Sacohen9665, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Sacohen9665

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    Jun 25, 2009
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    I'm trying to install a backup loader on a LU64 v4u Wii with Homebrew already installed on it via the following steps...

    1: Copy contents of 'SD Card 1' to SD card.

    2: Put card in Wii and go to Data Management > channels > SD Card, then you will get a message saying "Load boot.elf? Select 'Yes'.

    3: Install Bootmii v2 as an IOS.

    4: Install the Homebrew Channel

    5: Remove SD card and save the Bootmii installation to your PC.

    6: Delete Bootmii installation off of your SD card and copy contents of 'SD Card 2' to your card.

    7: Now put card back in, restart your wii ,start HBC, press home then run Bootmii.

    8: The screen will be black for 10 seconds then Wad manager will run.

    9: Select uninstall first then install IOS16.wad and do the same for LU64.wad.

    10: Go to HB channel and run cIOS38_rev13b-Installer.

    11: Done, now you can install a backup loader or usb loader.

    When I try to do the following from another tutorial, I get an error -2011 during the install. I think during the timing or ticking part of it.

    In this step we install cIOS36 Rev7

    Step 1: Open the Homebrew Channel

    Step 2: Click on the App labeled "Apps/cIOS Rev7/boot.dol" and then click Load

    Step 3: Read the Disclaimer and Agree or Disagree

    Step 4: Select WAD INSTALL

    Something I read said to downgrade the firmware, but I also read you can't do that on a v4U.

    So what are my options?


  2. nabster92

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    If you already successfully did the first guide you should already have rev13b on your system which is the most recent cIOS that should work with a lot more things than rev7 would work with.

    There's absolutely no reason you need to install rev7 on your Wii. Just run whatever backup launcher you want to use through the HBC and don't try to install anything else. If there is really anything you could change with the cIOS you're on you may want to change to rev13a or rev14 when that comes out in a few weeks.

    Don't follow ANY guide you see for anything involving your Wii if it doesn't explicitly say it is for LU64 Wii's.
  3. Sacohen9665

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    Jun 25, 2009
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    Thanks I'm aware of the fact that my system is different then most of the things posted out there.

    This tutorial did not say is was for the LU64, BUT i did ask some of the people that say it worked for them and they said that they had an LU64 system also.

    I'm the type that needs to follow directions at least for the first time.

    So how do I go about installins a backup loader?

    I would appreciate the guidance.


  4. vettacossx

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    This may sound weird...But try to install it from network LATER THAT DAY [​IMG] be persistant ...for some reason with this model i have found it is "hit and miss" with the network install ive had that error then tried again an hour later and it worked on some of the newer consoles
    especially if say your on Rev 13B and your trying to run REV 11 installer It will give you a line of BS but if your persisitant it seems to work out in the long run [​IMG]

    Rev12 and on have USB port and Network issues that plague there possitive features like Usb Accessory support (the bad seems to outway the good in regard to compatibility as well IMO)
  5. Sacohen9665

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    Jun 25, 2009
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    OK, I got the backup loader installed. nabster was right, I didn't need to install that other stuff.
    now I want to install CoverFloader USB Loader.

    I'm not sure where to put the 3 files that are downloaded.

    Does it go in the apps folder or the wad folder?

    Then I install it with the WAD Manager, correct?

    Does it just go in there or do you make a sub folder for it?
  6. tj_cool

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    Jan 7, 2009
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    If they are channels (wad files) install them with the wad manager
    If they are .dol, place em in SD:/apps/coverfloader/ and rename to boot.dol. Then run with HBC

    Since you got 3 files its probably the second choice. The icon.png and meta.xml can also go in the boot.dol folder