1. Javalyt

    OP Javalyt Newbie

    Aug 7, 2020
    Hi everyone,

    I've encountered the error in the title and the logs below when I updated from cfw10.2.0/atm0.14.3 to cfw11.0.1/0.18.1. This was so I can play MHR with its update.
    Unfortunately I've used up my resources searching GBATemp and Youtube for answers. I hope anyone can help. Any form of tutorial or guide on what to do will be highly appreciated.

    The Switch boots up to the main menu but shows the error below after a few seconds. When I'm in Hekate 5.5.4 boot menu, the Switch doesn't encounter said error. (I just let it stay in Hekate to see if the error would show up as well) MicroSD card is in exFAT since I bought it and works okay before the latest manual update.

    Atmosphère Fatal Report (v1.1):
    Result: 0xF601 (2001-0123)
    Program ID: 430000000000000b
    Process Name: sys-botbase
    Firmware: 11.0.1 (Atmosphère 0.18.1-master-1545fa9d)
    General Purpose Registers:
    Start Address: 0000000000000000
    Stack Trace:
    ReturnAddress[00]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[01]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[02]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[03]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[04]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[05]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[06]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[07]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[08]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[09]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[10]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[11]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[12]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[13]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[14]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[15]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[16]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[17]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[18]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[19]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[20]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[21]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[22]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[23]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[24]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[25]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[26]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[27]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[28]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[29]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[30]: 0000000000000000
    ReturnAddress[31]: 0000000000000000
  2. Draxzelex

    Draxzelex GBAtemp Legend

    Aug 6, 2017
    United States
    The problem here seems obvious and that is sys-botbase.
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