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    Apr 5, 2009
    United States
    theres only 4 games enabled for streetpassing atm on my N3DS PSMD, PMD:Gates to infinity, MiiPlaza and Pokemon Sun.

    i did use Freeshop to get extra DLC that i dont actually own and this wasnt an issue on my O3DSXL. but thinking since Gates to infinity's teh only game to present this problem that its not a Corrupted card and i deleted the DLC and no longer gives me the Error on game startup. (thsi is a physical copy btw not an eShop copy)

    now unless people no longer at all in teh default SpillPassPiv2.1 list play the game/enabled streetpass for it, i had not a Single pass while in "Wait for rescue" overnight and to this moment (this being since 4AM EDT ) it's still getting hits for the rest so its not that i need to reboot my Pi or reseat it's USB Wifi dongle. the only suspect seems to be that error. can this be why im getting no passes? (i used to play on the O3DSXL abit back move dto the N3DS because of "Super-stable 3D" making it MUCH easier on the eyes to see its Cutscenes in 3D, and yes i moved carts well before i got knocked out in an dungeon so that proper registration and activation of spotpass and streetpass data could be done.)
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