Epic Mickey painting it's way on November 30th

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    Epic Mickey painting it's way on November 30th
    Mickey Mouse's greatest adventure hitting holiday season

    Disney Interactive Studios has revealed that its epic platforming action-adventure starring Mickey Mouse - or Disney Epic Mickey, to its friends - is set for release in the UK and North America this November.

    To be more precise, the game is schedule to launch in the United Kingdom on November 26 while those of a North American disposition can enjoy the game a mere handful of days later on November 30.

    Disney Epic Mickey sees the iconic mouse thrust into the world of Wasteland, an alternate universe formed of Disney's long-forgotten characters and attractions. Using the power of paint and thinner, Mickey embarks on a grand adventure, shaping the destiny of Wasteland's inhabitants through players' individual actions.

    Warren Spector, Epic Mickey developer Junction Point's general manager and creative director noted, "We are honoured and humbled by the anticipation for Disney Epic Mickey, and we could not be more excited to get the game in people's hands."

    Expect more on Disney Epic Mickey soon. [/p]

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    Final-fucking-ly. I have wanted a release date for the longest time.
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    I wish I was more interested... maybe if it gets extremely amazing scores...
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    My overall most wanted game! It looks just amazing. I`m loving the whole concept of the game with the adventuring, plattforming and all the choices. The only thing I`m not entirely sold on are the 2D segments, which do look a little clunky IMO, even though very well artistically designed and they also are a very nice contrast to wasteland!

    What I`ve seen and heard so far was very very impressive and the end of November can`t come soon enough!
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    nice it's about damn time. this game is going sweet.
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    I want this game sooooooooooooo bad. The wait is killing me. I have a feeling the gameplay will be alright maybe like 7.5 to 8 but the world of disney alone is enough to suck me into it and just stay there.
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    Is it really tht great? the final comments seem to make SMG2 and NSMB pretty low
    if it is, then it must be very unique or very diverse *flat out imaginative seems to point to the former*