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    Sep 6, 2017
    I installed Enso this afternoon on a vita I purchased from a friend. After getting everything setup (storagemanager for sd2vita) I realized my friends PSN ID was still linked to the memory card. I installed accountswitcher and after unslaving the memory card and resetting the system I am no longer able to use either memory card and my system version shows 3.65 and henkaku setting are not showing up. Based on the boot logo I think Enso is still intact, but I'm not sure how to get henkaku and homebrew back. I can't seem to find any guides to fix this, just looking for some help.

    Edit: Ok. Now I'm a little scared. I actually get the warning about not being able to use the memory card without either the SD2Vita or vita memory card inserted. So it looks like the id.dat on the built-in storage never got cleared. Is there any easy way for me to get Henkaku loaded to clear it?
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