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    As you may know, the (J) version of Metroid Fusion has an additional difficulty setting and more contents in the gallery. I was looking for a translation, but I couldn't find one. So I decided to poke around a bit and found a surprisingly easy solution. The english texts (and probably the other EU languages) haven't been removed from the game, but you can't select them. However, I found that there is a language switch in the memory, and tried changing it. I was pretty surprised that it worked, so I could produce a savegame that is started in easy mode with english texts. I saved at the earliest save point possible, which is like 2 minutes into the game.
    You can download it here:

    The screenshot also shows the memory location I changed, you could try to change it to any other language (see the wiki link above for the values). I used VBA-M for that. If you want to do that, you first need to start a new game. Select the first option on the title screen (which is "Start Game" - "Copy File" - "Delete File"), then the second (switches between Hiragana or Kanji) and then the first (selection of easy or normal). The reason you should select Kanji is only because the memory value will switch to "01" which is easier to spot. After you have done that you need to watch the intro and get to the first save point. After you've saved there, you should be able to use it in any other emulator.

    I haven't thoroughly tested it, just played the first few minutes and copied the save to my PSP for gpSP-j, but I couldn't spot any glitches.

    Edit: I beat the game and experienced zero issues with that save.
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    I have not tested it yet but I must say I always approve of little hacks like this and if it comes with the option of a hard mode that is even better.
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