Energy Drinks stopping EA Sports MMA from coming to Denmark

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Terminator02, Aug 28, 2010.

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    Let's play a quick game of "which of these two things is the craziest thing you've ever heard?" So, there's this Scandinavian law which prohibits any form of marketing for energy drinks, which EA Sports MMA (with its energy drink-branded fighter shorts and environments) would flagrantly violate. That's weird, right? Here's what's weirder: EA Sports has decided to cancel the game's release in the region outright to preserve the game's authenticity.

    So, which is more bizarre? The fact that fans of dudefights living in Denmark won't be able to get their EA Sports MMA fix due to energy drink pants? Or the fact that EA Sports refuses to change the energy drink pants into Taco Bell pants because it would ruin the authenticity of the MMA experience? We're leaning towards the latter.[/p]
    [​IMG]Source (Joystiq)

    yes, because authenticity is more important than sales
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    That's like, the most messed up thing, I have ever read.
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    Too much energy drink for Scandinavian?
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    So, Scandinavians are allergic to energy drinks?
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    Seriously WAT. Does not make sense at all. Why EA wont even try to alter the law?
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    Excellent marketing for the game. [​IMG]
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    Huh? Thats a new one.

    First of all I doubt there is such a thing as "Scandinavian laws".
    Second of all - if there truly is such a thing as a "Scandinavian law" which prohibits them then that would at most only include Sweden, Norway and possibly (this is farfetched) Denmark.

    I think they must have their facts mixed up. It's more than likely that each of the Nordic countries (that's right, Nordic not Scandinavic) has passed similar laws which may prohibit the thing. If that really is the case though then they're doing a really bad job enforcing said laws since I've seen advertisements for energy drinks on multiple occasions here.

    Either case this seems rather silly, but I'm afraid I don't care enough about said game.
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    Lol so they refuse to spend a little time editing a few of the textures and making them black or something so it would comply with the laws.
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    lol they dont get to play [​IMG]
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    The money they would spend removing the advertisements is probably more than all the money they would make selling the game in Scandinavia. Also you don't want to piss off your sponsors.
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    I don't think it's a Scandinavian law... Must be a Danish law, since there's a lot of energy drink commercials and stuff here in Sweden... Though it's really silly... There's an 16 - 18 year old age limit on energy drinks here in Sweden... and the 10 year olds drinking it now act like drunks / addicts.. going around holding the drink in both hands, looking suspiciously around, drinking it and can't even go in a straight line... sheeesh... these silly kids believing that energy drinks have any effect on them...
  12. DSGamer64

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    Pretty much. They pay for the promotion of MMA and the games development, they have to get their cut of sales and editing the game would not make them too happy.