EmuNAND9 has ben updated to support redNand among other things.

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    Feb 28, 2016
    As of today (March 25) Emunand9 has been updated to do some new and impressive things.

    What the new EmuNAND9 can do:

    • Added 'Complete RedNAND Setup' feature
    • Added options to convert your EmuNAND <-> RedNAND and vice versa
    • Improved SD card and SD card fault handling
    • Various smaller and bigger improvements
    - Link to the github update https://github.com/d0k3/EmuNAND9/releases/tag/20160325

    - Link to the gbatemp thread explaining the difference between GW 3DS and redNand https://gbatemp.net/threads/emunand-rednand-technical-implementation.401969/#post-5783813

    - Link to 3drew explaining what nand redirection is https://www.3dbrew.org/wiki/NAND_Redirection#RedNAND

    Edit: I have know idea what redNand is, and I can barely find any information about it

    Edit: Later on I will buy another N3DS and run this just to see what can be done
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    Was posted in the E9 Thread here:

    Why would you buy another N3DS? It's an emuNAND.

    There's tools there to convert existing GW NANDS to RedNAND and vice versa. At worst you'd need a new SD card if you didn't want to bother with backups. It's a bit more efficient, and if you do the full process, shaves off a few hundred MB off emuNAND. For now though that's about it. (also keep in mind Cakes/AuRei are the only CFW supporting it)

    TLDR version: Maths. Basically the way each NAND handles writes.
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