EmuNAND on SX OS "Some necessary data could not be found"

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    I failed to find this mentioned anywhere when I had Googled last night dealing with this issue. The solution may be helpful to some group of people out there as many threads I had found were left unanswered with other people dealing with the same issue.

    This may be apt for other people in other scenarios dealing with the same error, but for me (and the purpose of ensuring the thread reaches the right audience), I have SX OS 2.7.1, EmuNAND, and OFW/SysNAND working fine now. I also just got my SX Pro and my first bout with homebrew and jailbreaking on a Switch is with 8.0.1, and SX OS 2.7.1. After getting the SX Pro set up, I immediately made a backup of my NAND, enabled AutoRCM, and created an emuNAND on a "hidden partition" which may or may not be the cause of some of the problems I faced listed below. That's neither here nor there, but a little background can benefit anyone else dealing with similar issues.

    Recommended solutions to try before doing the following:

    • If using exFAT, format with guiformat (already on your computer) as FAT32.
    • Use Windows - macOS creates archive folders and messes with some ownership privileges that you can totally fix with a script command in Terminal, but if you have a Windows computer available, just use it to avoid the headache.
    • Don't use "hidden partition." Truthfully, I don't believe Nintendo would or cares to check the contents of an SD card due to the mass hysteria and legal trouble that could follow - but it wouldn't be far-fetched to believe that they can at the very least see a separated partition or some sort of oddity with the card you're using. In short, unless you're wearing an aluminum foil cap, I don't think it matters all that much which one you use, and noting that, it's far easier to just use the SD option as you can then transfer and upgrade your SD card easily without problem.

    Onto the various problems and their hopeful solutions.

    "Some necessary data could not be found"

    If you google the error above and any assortment of emunand or SX OS before it, you will find a legion of posts saying it's SD card corruption - which it may be - but it was not for me. More worrisome is that you'd find a lot of discussions that simply end with no resolution or people saying they have the same issue years later.

    The solution for me here is simply to download updates for the games where you have this error. There are probably easier ways and assuredly far less sketchy ones, but I simply installed the /hbg/shop/ app (which I cannot share or tell you where to find), browsed to "Recent Updates" where it listed all my games and just downloaded all the updates for everything listed. Done deal.

    "This software is not currently on the MicroSD card"

    This one threw me for a loop, but the solution is simple. When you make an emuNAND, the contents of it are stored in a "Emutendo" folder on the root of your Micro SD card. Your Switch is searching for games that aren't in that folder, so the easiest solution is to just duplicate your Nintendo folder, then rename it to Emutendo (obviously deleting the other previous one). Once you do this, you shouldn't get this error anymore.

    I know this technically isn't a tutorial, but I hadn't seen this issue covered succinctly elsewhere and figured it would help people in the future all the same. If I find out more things pertaining to this issue, I will update this post as soon as I can. Mods, if any of this violates forum rules, I apologize in advance.
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    Emutendo is not Nintendo... -_-
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    I['m not sure I'm following what your statement means. I know they aren't the same (don't think I stated that they were within the post), that's why you duplicate them as EmuNAND reads Emutendo and OFW reads Nintendo.

    Here are multiple other sources sharing the same information.

    Here's even one in Italian. https://www.reboot.ms/forum/threads/switch-sx-os-v2-3-is-out.10297/

    Let me know if there's anything else causing you to be confused.
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