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    Jan 1, 2007
    Ok, so I recently threw the PicoDrive DS onto my R4. Played around with it, (Streets of Rage and Sonic), both worked perfect, apart from no sound.

    I put the Snezzi DS onto my R4 and it didnt load. (Well, it did, but it was SLOOOOW), So I turned it off.

    Does anyone have emulators for SEGA that have sound? Its not a problem, but it would be cool to have sound.
    Does anyone have emulators for SNES that LOAD? (again, sound isnt a problem)

    Also, is it possible to get a GBA emulator onto the DS, for us folk who dont have a Slot 2 cart?
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    SnezziDS makes use of a GBA designed file system so I believe most DS slot carts will have issues. SnesemulDs uses DLDI and is probably the most compatible emulator around. It is a PC port though and consequently fairly slow (probably too slow to play well).

    By SEGA I assume you mean Megadrive/genesis emus. The only other MD emu was a port of a PC emu and damn slow (less than 10fps on a god day) not to mention highly unlikely to work with the R4.
    Master system/gamegear emulators have not yet surpassed their GBA counterparts but are doing pretty good.

    GBA homebrew and to a lesser extent GBA file system based DS homebrew with the exception of the new EZ5 expansion and maybe some of the stuff neoflash has done that also had GBA slot components can be considered not running though.
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    Feb 12, 2007
    would be really nice with an gba emu for ds, even for the slot 2 cards, cause then, maybe, just maybe, the emulator maker would make a wireless connection app, so we can play the games, wouldnt be too hard, just choose the ds's available and the emulator could emulate the order that they are connected through a cable that the gba uses, would be nice, or maybe the g6 team (in my case) could make it work somehow in their emulator for gba.