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    Ok, I made this guide to help everyone with using the emulators as often the websites are not clear on how to use them and to keep people from constantly reposting everything. Note: all instructions are for the supercard/supercard mini, these methods may or may not work on the G6, m3, or any other flash card.

    General info: NEVER NEVER NEVER convert the emu.nds or convertedrom.nds with the supercard software, YOU WiLL MAKE IT NOT WORK!! NEVER CONVERT EMUS OR THE OUTPUT FILES FROM THE EMUS!!!!

    Forum moderators, could you possibly sticky this, it would greatly reduce the amount of worthless "help me" posts.



    1. go to http://www.cryptosystem.org/projects/nds/picodriveds-0.1.4/ and download the picodrive.nds.gba, NOT the picodrive.nds. Rename the picodrive.nds.gba to picodrive.nds as the other one does not work for the supercard.

    2. Create a folder on your flash card called genesis. Put the picodrive.nds into it, do NOT put it through the conversion software. Now put your genesis roms into the same folder. Boot up your ds, and execute picodrive.nds, navigate to the folder that has the roms and choose the rom that you want to play.

    -saving: I do not think you can save at this point, correct me if I am wrong
    -sound: as of now there is no sound for the picodrive


    NES Games:

    these are really easy, the supercard has a built in nes emu, just drag and drop the .nes file onto the supercard, execute, and enjoy. Also you can get a save file from the supercard directory on your computer, copy it and name it the same as your .nes, then do the forced saving mode where you go to supercard menu and save it.

    Rom name: kirby.nes
    NESfileNAME.sav ==========> kirby.sav



    1. Go http://www.eng.utah.edu/~tew/snesDS/ and download "Download SNES.zip" at the top (ignore the one saying supercard as it is just a binary). Unzip it to wherever you want. Then download http://darkfader.net/ds/files/ndstool.exe that file and put it in with the SNES directory.

    2. Open "make_nds.bat". In the lower left corrner of the program is an open folder, click it and add the snes rom you want. Then press save, do not change the file name. By default it will output 2 files, named "snesDS.ds.gba" and "snesDS.nds". Delete the .ds.gba one, and rename the snedDS.nds to the rom name, so you can identify it.

    3. Convert any other roms you have. I recommend having a seperate file for each rom, as if you add many together it loads slower and most of the time does not work.

    4. Move your converted files to your supercard memory card, AND THE UNCONVERTED ROMS! Also do NOT convert the .nds files in the supercard software, that will make them not work.

    5. Open up the file on your supercard on the ds, and select the rom and only the rom that you made that file for.

    Notes: -Tenage Mutant ninja turtles 4 (turtles in time) works perfectly, I would recommend using it as a test file first to make sure your emulator is working, then try other roms
    - check the compatibility list http://luffy.free.fr/nds/snesds_compat/index.php to see if your rom works

    Saving: I do not think there is a way to save, anybody know otherwise?



    1. Get http://snezzi.pocketheaven.com/snezzids-v0.28a.zip that file, unzip it. In it there are two folders, "sound" and "nosound". The nosound generally has a higher compatibily and will work faster/with more games, but the other one obviously has sound. If your game does not work with sound, try nosound. Look http://wiki.pocketheaven.com/SnezziDS_Compatibility_List to see if your rom works.

    2. Copy and paste your roms into the "sound" folder (or nosound if you want that).

    3. Click on your rom, hold down click, and drag it over the snezzi.exe. If done correctly it will output a file named (whateveryourgamenameis).nds

    4. Copy the outputted .nds file to the supercard. You do not need to copy the rom along with it. Execute it and enjoy

    -sometimes it is finicky and will not work on the first try, try restarting the ds and executing it again, sometimes this works
    saving: once again, I am pretty sure there is no saving, correct me if I am wrong.



    The scummds website has a hell of a lot better guide than I could ever make, just go to http://scummvm.drunkencoders.com/ and there is several pages dedicated to using it. Very easy to use, and works perfectly and very enjoyable to play.


    Ok that is all for tonight, maybe if this is well received I will do scumm and other emus. I have a question: Can you save in any of the emus other than the nes one? I could not find anywhere how to save in picodrive/snesds/snezzids.

    Oh and please please ONLY POST IN REPLY TO THIS IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO ADD OR SUGGESTIONS, PLEASE DO NOT POST PROBLEMS/TROUBLE YOU HAVE. GO START A NEW THREAD IF YOU HAVE DIFFICULTIES!!!! Otherwise this will be filled with needless conversation make my job so much harder to add to this guide. Thanks! [​IMG]

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    Awesome job hammydude.
    This helped me out a bunch.
    Keep it up.
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    Doesn't work for G6, these methods I'm assuming?

    More specifically, the picodrive tutorial doesn't apply to g6, right?
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    actually it will prolly make more posts about how to do it... you know how people are [​IMG]

    but i'll sticky it anyway
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    Nice guides I will give er a go [​IMG]
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    Nice guide, but what would you say is the best snes emulater out of the lot?
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    dasmn i just wish slot 1's could play gba
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