Emotional response (or lack thereof) in games

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by jDSX, May 5, 2017.

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    I've been playing games, reading books, and watching movies as long as I can remember. I've been emotionally invested in many books and movies in a way that games have yet to affect me. La La Land was the last movie that really pulled me in and it did so in less than its run time of 2 hours. Many of the books I've read have had similar hooks.

    While I love gaming escapism and challenge, I've never been emotionally connected to any game beyond the feelings of excitement and post-game fatigue/blues/emptiness. What is missing from gaming that books and movies are able to accomplish emotionally in a relatively short amount of time?
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    Erm... My guess is that you don't play the right games. The ones that rely primarily on the gameplay end up costing in the story and emotional investment (generally speaking, obviously).

    Some games that personally blew me away on emotional level:
    Limbo and inside
    Two brothers
    Papers, please (this game is just... It's amazing how well a dystopian world is built by a freaking 16 bit game)
    The beginners guide
    The static speaks my name (note: this game is both free and short... But it's more unsettling than lots of horror games)
    Pretentious game (another short free one...i think you can even find it in a browser)
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    Like Taleweaver said you probably are not playing the right type of games. If you want to get emotionally invested look for games that have deep well thought out lore and universes like the Half Life, Silent Hill, Bioshock or Zelda franchises, I get pretty wrapped up them...Then theres games that are very character driven like the Mass Effect series, Grand Theft Auto series (I absolutely loved GTAV and became totally emotionally invested in the characters), Uncharted series, Last of Us (stand alone game so far but FANTASTIC characters). The Resident Evil series also does it for me although I know a lot of people find its storylines and characters too over the top, although I find them endearing.

    If you have access to GTA5 give that a shot, its on PS3/PS4/360/Xbox1/PC, commit to at least a few hours. I'm recommending this because I recently finished it and found myself missing the characters I got to know several days after the game was done.
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    get some games with a good story, like Final fantasy, Shin megami tensei and so on. there have been games where i was blown away emotionally
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    Imo, the game with the best plot that's really pulled me in is Super Paper Mario. It's much deeper than pretty much any Mario game that exists today.
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    Ouch...I gotta admit that the examples given by others (that I've played) don't exactly evoke the same emotion in me than the poster (haven't played GTA5 yet, but never really got emotionally invested in any way in San Andreas or Vice; I played half life, bioshock and Zelda for the action and only halfheartedly looked at the storyline; final fantasy is certainly a good example but the setting just bores me. And while super paper mario had a good love story in it, that game just was so humorous it didn't really got to me).

    I guess others can say the same about my choices, but hey...I'll still mention this one: telltale's the walking dead (season 1).
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    GTA V put a lot more effort into making their characters more like people, so they become a little more real, it's still hard to get invested in a character that just massacred half the police force for funsies
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    idk if i already get emotionally connected to a game before, i always have fun and happyness, but with a few games like pokémon mystery dungeon, the story and characters really hold me, its probably the first game that makes me sad, but i never cried with ANYTHING like that, i don't remember right but i think i just cried a little at the end of the 2 chapter of Ace attorney phoenix wright which i started to play last month XD