Embrace the future of GAMING with SDATEMP! (April Fools)

The future of gaming is IN THE CLOUD!

Introducing SDAtemp - to embrace the new and exciting world of streaming gaming we are changing our identity, with a brand new focus on Google Stadia (SDA) and moving away from archaic local gaming systems such as the Nintendo Switch.

Some of you have called it for years, yelling “Nintendoomed!”, and we agree! Nintendo just won’t be able to keep up with the impressive technology that Google has at its fingertips. We recommend you sell your home consoles now while you can still get some money for them, before the Stadia makes physical media entirely worthless.

Face facts - traditional gaming as you know it is dead in the water. Long gone are the days of having to fumble with physical copies of games and cumbersome, electricity-guzzling home consoles. Gaming should be a relaxing hobby not a chore! Why struggle like a caveman with traditional media, installations and updates when you can hand over all that power and ownership to the hands of the publisher and not have to worry about those things anymore?

This very ethos will be at the CORE of SDAtemp as we also move our user experience to the CLOUD . . .


SDAtemp Client App (Windows 10 desktop app)

That's right - we're soaring into the clouds to become the first ever streaming-only community. Save precious rendering time by having our dedicated servers do the work for you!

To make use of this transition we're introducing the SDAtemp Client App - experience SDAtemp anywhere and everywhere exactly the way we intended - bypassing browser inconsistencies, hijacking possibilities and ad-blockers!

You can take a sneak peak at the apps above and below. These apps will be available on a number of platforms over the coming weeks - starting with Windows 10 (exclusive to the Microsoft Store) and Amazon Fire devices (exclusive to the Amazon Appstore). Porting the app over to other platforms is a work in progress so please bear with us...


SDAtemp Client App (Amazon Fire Phone)

SDAtemp's transition to streaming only is due to complete on April 8th and after this time the website will be unavailable and you'll be redirected to use one of the apps above to access SDAtemp.

This is an exciting time and we'll have more to share on the future of SDAtemp very soon but for now . . . See you in the CLOUD!

- The SDAtemp Staff


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Sep 4, 2010
If your going to make an April fools website joke at least buy the domain first....literally anyone could've bought it and made it redirect to anything... Was tempted to at 20$.....


This has to be a April Fools joke... Right? If I remember correctly, the name, GBATemp was kept as a memento of the past when this used to be a site for GBA rom sharing. GBA meaning Gameboy Advance and Temp meaning Temporary. Meaning the roms were only hosted for a limited time until the next new releases rolled in.

It has to be a joke. iirc "streaming a website". That's one of the funniest April Fools jokes i have ever heard in my life.
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