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    Feb 26, 2009
    I`m having quite a serius problem with my elink! after overwriting a rom this afternoon,every thing seemed ok but when I connect again when the program loads the rom list an MENU ERROR message popups, the most strange is that one of the roms inside the elink List is blank but if you start you can play normaly and the last rom of the list cannot be selected quite a strange bug! now I cant transfer neither delete none of the games it became unuseful! I would like a way to format it but windows do not recognize the cart as a drive or something like that! the enlink works like a charm in a GBA but its program is the most buggie I have ever saw, damm I got hours to figure it out how to transfer roms with no 002 errors and now jus cause I overwrote one got this NEW impossible to solve error the


    take care onde day he will cath ya and your cart will be for no further use mhhauhauhauha!