1. Piro

    OP Piro Newbie

    Apr 14, 2009
    United States
    Hey all,
    I'm new here so excuss me if this is a newbie question. I'm new to the whole flash cart scene.

    Anyway, I got a Elink 512MB cart and I went to plug it in and turn it on and its stuck on the "SMS saving... Do not turn off power" screen. How do I have this stop so I can load my version of LSDJ (8 bit music generator) onto it. Is there anyway to completely restart the cartridge? The Elink software won't connect to the cartridge also. How do I set that up and get it to work.

    What am I missing?! A step by step including the restart and set-up would be amazing!

    Also would it be easier/worth it to just spend $40 and get a EZ Flash IV and a 2 gig memory card?

    I'm sorry if this is somewhere on the web. I've searched for a few days now with no luck.

    Thanks in advance,
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