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    I trief a Google search on EHCI can tell its a USB related thing, but I need someone kind enough to dumb it down and explain what Waninkoko is talking about when he says he adds EHCI modules. Is he talking about the ability to use both USB slots since last I knew the loaders/programs using USB were kind of picky, or is he just improving how USB drives are read? Trying to improve my abysmal technical knowledge with this kind of stuff, so thanks to anyone who knows.
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    OHCI is USB1 and EHCI is USB2. While the Wii as the hardware to do USB2 it only (as standard) as the software to do USB1.
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    IOS is modular. it is actually several different elfs running at the same time. as he said, normally IOSes dont have a module which is capable of usb2.0. but we can load the ehci module (another elf) along with the normal IOS and it will let us access usb with higher speeds.

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    in newer IOSes (57, 58) there are a few new usb modules. im not sure what all of them do, but there are some with names like HUB and stuff like that. they add support for usb cameras and whatnot. i would assume that one or more of these new modules is also capable of usb2.0. but since we already have ehci, and it is open source, i doubt if anybody will really take the time to try to use the new modules for accessing hard drives to play games.