EFA 512MB Acting Up.

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    So here's my story. I switched to OSX last summer so I haven't had a chance to switch up my EFA gamelist since then. I had stuck a few NDS games on it, prior to the switch, and have left them on there since. Last time I checked (a few months ago) they seemed to save and work perfectly. Now I've recently installed XP allowing me to finally use my EFA again but unfortunately for me it seems to be acting up.

    I've installed the drivers and whatnot again, and the games seem to flash fine and they even seem to work fine too, for the most part; however, some games have started to give me trouble and I'm not sure if it's game specific or if my cart is dying.

    One of the problematic games is Astro Boy: Omega Factor. I cannot get this game to save for the life of me. It'll look like it saved but the saves would disappear if I came back to load them. Now Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis had given me a problem like this before but I just SRAM patched it with GBATA and it saved fine. I tried this with Astro Boy but it didn't help. I remember the game working before but I can't figure out what I did then so I just gave up on that game.

    Next up is Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. It saved and worked fine for awhile (~2 hours or so into the game over several saves/reloads/reboots/nights/etc.); however, last night I came back to load up my game and lo and behold... it had disappeared.

    I've never remembered any games ever giving me problem with this flashcart in the past and I've never had to patch the games or do any other funny business outside of the loader so I'm beginning to wonder if my cart is dying somehow. I've heard of disappearing save happening on older flashcarts when their batteries died out so perhaps that's happening to mine? I've had it recharge for eight hours like it says in the manual but that didn't seem to stop my Castlevania saves from disappearing.

    So in short, could somebody help me out by telling me, is there something I'm missing or is it time for a new gba flashcart?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    EDIT: For clairification purposes: I'm using the GBA loader and not the NDS one.
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    Step 1: Turn on your computer.
    Step 2: Plug in your EFA-Linker.
    Step 3: Sleep for 8 hours.
    Step 4: Play games with EFA-Linker.
    Step 5: Save.
    Step 6: Find some activity to take up 8 hours.
    Step 7: If the save is still there, then the battery just needed to be charged, so it's fixed now.

    Step 9: Do this every six months.