Eduardo the Samurai Toaster - New details

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    " Indie developer Semnat Studios is excited to finally announce the upcoming Wii™ release of Eduardo the Samurai Toaster, an incredibly fast and frenetic sidescrolling, run‘n’gun 2D shooter. The game will be released exclusively for WiiWare™ this winter, developed and published by Semnat Studios.

    With visuals drawn and scanned in from several different art mediums such as pen & ink, acrylic paint and charcoal, Eduardo sports an untraditional aesthetic design for a videogame. Jump, shoot, whip, drive, fly and throw your way through hordes of Peking Opera pastries, spear toting carrots, robotic mangos, and more. Play with friends as you learn to cooperate effectively, or be annoying by throwing each other around the screen and attacking one another.


    - Drop in co-op play for up to four players.

    - Ride scooters equipped with laser-blasters and fly around in rocket packs in single player or co-op.

    - Use 5 different pastry pickups to upgrade your firepower.

    - Battle enemies through 13 unique levels.

    - Several different difficulty options to choose from, allowing players to pick their desired level of challenge. "

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    Nice to see a run & gun shooter on WiiWare.
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    2d run and gun for the wii? Sounds really interesting.
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    Is it a bad thing that my first thoughts ran to talkie toaster*?
    Back on topic co-op play you say?

    *if you just did not recall it right away then OK but if you had not idea then for shame:
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    You realise Cave Story is coming out for WiiWare also right? Just clarifying.
    And this looks to be really fun, I'll be sure to give it a go when it comes out.