Editing sprites, images, and text from a rom

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    Jul 25, 2007
    Hi, i'm new in this domain.

    Do you know the Megaman Battle Network 5 (Team Colonel / or Team Protoman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhFBxZ9D_qc ) ???

    I want to make 2 diferent things.

    (1) To translate from english to Romanian language (1 or both roms)

    (2) To edit MMBN 5 Team Colonel to MMBN 5 Team Bass (Bass is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e77991OHnyE...related&search= )

    The first (1) is easier, i need only an gba rom editor, but for (2) i need more things:
    -> some program that can edit sprites from the game
    -> a text editor for rom (like for )
    -> some kind of program that can edit more from rom

    ...please help me
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    You are lucky in that megaman has been fairly well hacked, sites that deal with it.

    My document on GBA/DS rom hacking, very much unfinished but here it is:
    The forums here (check the DS ones as well) and http://www.romhacking.net/ should prove to be of use as well.

    There is a translation in the works for rockman 4.5 :
    Here is a German version of the first title:
    They may prove of some use as the entire series is fairly "cookie cutter".

    You will need a tile editor to edit graphics, I use tiled2002 (the homepage has died so here is a mirror:

    It is presently in Chinese but that should change shortly, here is crystaltile2:
    I am fairly sure the graphics will be compressed, you may luck out and get simple LZ but I am not sure.

    All these tools do LZ compression (the most common) and a few do less common stuff like RLE and huffman:
    This is a automatic app but it can be a bit clumsy:
    These decompresses selected parts:
    This decompresses the lot and should only be used when you extract sections or are about to reinsert:
    Search for GBACrusher should you need something to compress stuff.

    My knowledge of Romanian is limited but you should be able to get away with a simple font hack if you need more characters (unless you course you want the cedilla stuff to be without), you can do this by changing the font as it appears in the rom, try to leave it a similar size in text though.

    You will want a hex editor as well, I use many but here is a list of ones I use (apologies for the copy/paste nature of it):
    general: hex workshop, x ways forensics and xvi32.

    small: virtual dub inbuilt (not any use for rom hacking really), notepad++ inbuilt (I use this for turning end of lines into standard characters and stuff).

    rom hacking:
    crystaltile2, an exceptional Chinese app. It would be in English but I have not got it to build yet (MS Visual studio 2003 © with MFC is what it needs):
    Take your pick of the ones here:
    Hexposure, translhextion WindHex32 are definitely worth a look (try getting a custom character set on hex workshop an you will see why)