Editing .NCER/.NCGR/.NCLR/.NANR graphics?

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    Jan 17, 2010
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    The Ouran (3718) rom uses so many different file types for the graphics, I have no idea where to begin.
    Most folders containing graphics for a certain part, all contain the same file but in three types.
    For example: DF_logo.NCGR DF_logo.NCLR and DF_logo.NSCR

    And some also have a .NCER equivalent etc. So what filetype do you need in order to edit it correctly?
    Also, if someone could give me a small start-up on how to exactly open the files, that would help a lot.
    (Perhaps they need some decompressing first? I have no idea myself)

    I tried Crystaltile and Tilemolester, but no luck. And I couldn't get the GBA editer to work.

    I also saw in another thread that someone managed to export the graphics as .bmp and even edited them in PSP.
    That would be much easier than working with a tile project, I'd think.

    So please, every help on this is appreciated!
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    In crystaltile2 find the file in the DS rom system viewer (the little DS icon on the right hand side of the toolbar), right click on the ncer file you find and there should be a option like load image. You will probably have two similarly named files but with different extensions which should provide the palette and the layout data.

    On the other hand I did post about an update to the susie plugin for this earlier today as well:

    On the other hand a standard GBA format tile editor (will need both 4bpp and 8bpp) will also work, you can use http://tahaxan.arcnor.com/index.php?option...ult&lang=en as a reference.