Editing building restrictions in Dragon Quest Builders 2

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    I already know there are plenty of cheats out for DQB2 like infinite items, etc. But is there any way to edit the building restrictions, some of which include:
    -block height limit
    -block width limit
    -fish placement limit (currently capped on the main island at 50 for the entire island)
    -usable room limit (capped at 100)
    -villager limit (capped at 60)

    And the worst being the areas of the island villagers are allowed to live, here is how it looks:


    The colored areas are the only livable areas. A majority of the island is uninhabitable.

    Would these values be editable in Edizon or not yet? Would it be possible to break these restrictions or would it be game breaking? I'd like a thread to discuss this because it really sucks and there doesn't seem to be any solutions right now.
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