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    >.> To my suprised, a couple threads down, there's a thread telling about the skin editor. Lol. Sorry, please close/delete this thread >.> Sorry I didn't notice >.>

    I was just bored, figured I'll drop the Edge site a visit, and to my surprise, I found a skin editor. Wonder if anyone knew of this already, as I haven't seen it at all on the user-news, nor in a quick search. It looks pretty straight forward to use, and seems pretty simple. Has full previews as if you were in the gui, and also can save screen shots of your skin that you made. I haven't full on tried it (just ran it to see how it is). The link is: http://www.edge-ds.cn/?lang=en&page=downloads Not sure if this editor is a rip off of any other of the carts skin editors if they have one >.>
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    edge's use the same skins as cyclods due to the fact that its a clone
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    hey i was wondering if this software is available for Mac OS X or even linux (e.g. ubuntu) maybe
    thanks! [​IMG]