Easy Way to Extract ROMFS Folder from .3DS and .CIA Files?!

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    So I've been trying to extract the contents of a 3DS Rom, but I find the only surefire way to do it is to install it as a CIA with FBI and then use Braindump. However, would there be a less time consuming way of doing this I've tried using 3DS Explorer, but I keep getting three different NCCH files, none of which @Asia81 's Hackingtoolkit (which I believe just works through CRTool) can extract a ROMFS folder from. I tried converting it to a CIA and trying 3DS Explorer, but I just get "Error: Error Opening Ticket". I try decrypting it with Decrypt9, same thing.

    EDIT: I tried using ROMFS Extractor on the DecryptedRomFS.bin I get from Hackingtoolkit, but it just crashes.

    So, am I doing anything wrong here, or is there another way?
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    Braindump, get the romfs.bin and use the RomFS Extractor in the "Pack Hack".
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    ctrtool can extract the romfs partition from any .cia and .3ds ROM, and if it's decrypted, it can unpack the files. You need to use another tool for the actual decryption. 3DSExplorer has a bug that makes it extract the romfs incorrectly, which was fixed in a specific version, but you have to make sure you get the right version, which is made harder by multiple forks floating around with different features.
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