Easy Questions:stuck on my decision

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    Aug 5, 2008
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    Been doing my Home work and my decision has come down to M3 or CycloDS tied at first
    and R4 and Supercard at second, I'm stuck and dont know which to choose.

    Hmm, so why is Evolution so much more then the others?
    On Red hot stuff M3(and the M3 comes with rumble pak)is $40 while Evolution is $53, the other two are $32 and $36

    Some other questions-
    do they all have 100% Compatability(such as Homebrew,Roms,Download play)?
    does either Lag or freeze?
    Which has the best Gui as far as speed, buttons and easy to navigate.

    Thank you for the Info, I will buy one I just don't want to regret which one I choose.

    Edit:Hmm this was meant to go into the NDS Section(my bad). would be awesome if a mod could move.