Easy 6.20 Dual Boot by Rinnagatamante

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    Apr 19, 2010

    Homebrew: Easy 6.20 DualBoot
    Author: Rinnegatamante
    Type: Utility
    Languages: English

    Easy 6.20 DualBoot is the first way to use different 6.20 HENs in a single PSP.
    It works on all PSP models (1000,2000,3000,N1000) and there isn't any risk of brick.

    Tested on:
    PSP GO (N1004) DateCode: 9C
    PSP Fat (1004) DateCode: 6D (MoBo TA-086)
    PSP Slim (2004) DateCode: 7D (MoBo TA-085v2)
    PSP Brite (3004) DateCode: 8C (MoBo TA-090v2)

    Developer: Rinnegatamante
    BetaTesters: Rinnegatamante, Rapper_skull1997, Notonlyeyes, The_Black_PS

    Thanks to virtuosflame and kgsws for vshmain's camouflage law & simple flasher src.

    1) Put PSP and seplugins folders into your PSP
    2) Install 6.20 TN-E
    3) Disable Flash0 Protection from Recovery Menu
    4) Install Permanent Patch
    5) Start Easy 6.20 DualBoot and Extract vshmain
    6) Uninstall Permanent Patch
    7) Install 6.20 PRO Xx
    8) Install Permanent Patch
    9) Start Easy 6.20 DualBoot and Extract vshmain
    10) Uninstall Permanent Patch
    11) Start Easy 6.20 DualBoot and Install DualBoot system modules

    At the PSP startup, hold START. Then select OFW/HEN to use.

    Extra Commands
    At the PSP startup:
    Hold R to start Recovery Menu (ms0:/recovery.prx)
    Hold SELECT to start PRO Recovery Menu
    Hold L to restore vshorig.prx (ms0:/vshorig.prx)

    Download REV.B: http://www.rinnegatamante.eu/DualbootREVB.rar

    - Main HEN function deleted because it cause conflicts with non-permanent rebootexes
    - Changed emergency uninstall buttons (See README for newest buttons)
    - Added 6.20 TN-E compatibility
    - Made 6.20 TN-D as Main HEN
    - Added possibility to remove Dualboot modules from Installer
    - Enhanced Fake MS compatibility. Now, if you use a fake MS, you can start TN-D
    - Added possibility to use PRO Recovery Menu (See README for buttons)
    - Improved installation steps. Now, TN-D extraction isn't necesary
    - Improved security system. Now, if you format your MS, you can start TN-D

    NOTE: During tests, there weren't cases of semibricks or bricks but, if you use Easy 6.20 DualBoot, you use it with your own risks.