Easiest way to set up original Gateway on classic 3DS with 4.3.0-10E?

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    I have the original Australian release of the classic 3DS, currently on version 4.3.0-10E. I also have the very first release of the Gateway flashcart. The 3DS and cart have been sitting in a cupboard for many years, and I've lost the SD with the firmware on it. Looking at the Gateway website, all the current firmwares require version 9 or so.

    Basically, I just want to be able to use my flashcart on my 3DS to play backups of the latest games. I've heard of EmuNand, which I may need. What's the quickest/easiest way to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Ok, then follow https://3ds.guide/
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    First don't use gateway use A9LH and Luma and use the guide that @Hayleia posted
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    I am going to agree with everyone else on this one. The Gateway3DS really isn't the best option to go with right now. The biggest reason being that it will not work with 11.3, meaning if you setup an emuNAND and update it to the latest OFW, you are completely locked out of your emuNAND
    You really should just go with A9LH+CFW
    I suggest suggest studying the guide a bit. It's not to hard to setup, but worth reading a head for better preparation.
  5. Searinox

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    Gateway's firmware cannot support the latest 11.3 emuNAND and blackscreens. You would have to update manually to a lower version which is complcated and wholly unneeded. The best solution to that would be A9LH. And Gateway does not protect sysNAND A9LH which also puts your console at risk. Do follow the 3DS Guide linked by others.
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    My console is still on 4.5.0, so it doesn't need to be on 9.x.x.
    You need emuNAND to play any games that requires 4.5.0+ firmware.
    Basically you always use emuNAND.
    I disagree with some post here. emuNAND for gateway3ds is easy to setup without much research and is safe. (OP want plug and play methods and not going through bunch of documents before even know what AL3H is).
    However currently gateway3ds doesn't support 11.3 emuNAND.
  7. Hayleia

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    Feb 26, 2015
    Except that Gateway isn't plug and play. Source: I used to use Gateway CFW (when it was the only option) and now I dual boot Luma and Gateway on A9LH because any entrypoint besides A9LH is annoying, especially MSET which is the only available one on 4.x-, and because Luma is more plug and play than Gateway since I actually don't have to plug anything at any moment so I only keep Gateway as a secondary option when I really need cheats.
    Plus the fact that there isn't less (nor more) research to do to setup a Gateway with emuNAND and stuff than to setup Luma on A9LH.