EarthShakerDS 20110514

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Feb 4, 2010
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EarthShakerDS 20110514
Bug fixes and updates!

ant512 has released the newest version of EarthshakerDS for the Homebrew Bounty, with the addition of sound and many bugfixes.[/p]

Change Log said:
This contains a number of bugfixes and new features. The most notable improvement is the addition of sound. The other changes are listed below:
  • Letters scrolling into view on title screen scroller draw correctly.
  • Increased duration of each block's appearance in the title screen slideshow.
  • Select button cycles through levels in level select.
  • Up/down buttons wrap around when cycling through levels in level select.
  • Start button can be used to select levels on title screen.
  • Start button pauses the game.
  • Added the majority of sound effects.
  • Added music to title screen.
  • Score and life counters get reset when a new game is started.
  • Fixed bitmap recolouring when starting a new level.
  • Remaining time scoring at end of level is more accurate.
  • Player death graphic shown when player runs out of time.
  • Barriers take away more time when pushed.
  • Fixed gravity direction indicator.
  • Blocks land correctly when they hit the bottom of the level.
  • Finished level 8.

Homebrew Bounty Entry
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