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    Forest of Illusion discovered data from an early build of Zelda 64 on a F-Zero X Prototype Cartridge!
    It´s estimated to be from an Spaceworld 1997 build.
    They state that half of the build could be recovered!
    They will continue to look into the files and release the build in the future.
    Update: People now have started to integrate beta map data into the final game.​
    Source:Forest of Illusion twitter

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    this is one of the few games I beat on the 3ds. damn good game. the only games I've beaten that I can recall are this, super mario 3d land, and tales of the abyss (also a very good game. I thought the ps2 version had too much text, but I enjoyed the 3ds version more even though the text is probably about the same).
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