EA tops game publisher rankings for Metascore

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    While it's sure to rustle some jimmies, EA seems to have led the highest total Metascore for the year of 2013.

    The list, at the source below, compiles unique titles and their Metascores towards an average. With that in mind, EA has scored an average Metascore of 75.2, remaining the only company to score above a 75 (aka a "good" ranking) on the list. This is in part thanks to strong reviews for Mass Effect 3 as well as FIFA 13. Other titles such as Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning helped boost them while their lowest reviewed title, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, only received a 53 Metascore, not anything considered "poorly reviewed" with a 49 or below. They move up from #4.

    The Big Three console manufacturers follow in second, third, and fourth. Microsoft takes second with the praised XBLA title Mark of the Ninja (also available on Steam), sneaking up with a 91 Metascore. Their worst reviewed title, Bloodforge, scored a lowly 42. They move down from #1.

    Sony takes the third spot, with the Grammy-nominated Journey scoring a 92 Metascore. Much like EA, their lowest reviewed title, Start the Party! Save the World didn't receive a "poorly reviewed" score of 49 or below, sitting right on the threshold of 50. They remain in their spot from last year at #3.

    Nintendo takes the fourth spot, with Xenoblade Chronicles tying Journey with a 92 Metascore. Their worst performing effort, the DSiWare Spirit Hunters Inc.: Shadow took a 43 Metascore. They move down from #2.

    The rest of the publishers include Capcom at #5, Warner Bros. Interactive at #6, Ubisoft at #7, Konami at #8, Sega at #9, Activision Blizzard at #10, and Namco Bandai at #11.

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    Wait, Nintendo didn't even publish this game.
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    Literally Shitler.
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    Yeah, I was going to point that out too...there must be something else. The only thing I can think of is that... well, it's only on DSi.
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