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    Oct 24, 2002
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    [​IMG] E3 Discussions Forums

    We've made some temporary E3 discussions forums, for all to post and discuss news and information from the E3 2005 Expo in. [​IMG]

    There are five forums:
    - Game Boy Advance,
    - Nintendo DS,
    - Sony PSP,
    - Next-Generation Consoles,
    - Current-Generation Consoles.

    Please keep all E3 related news threads in these forums. And look out for all the latest information, images and movies from E3 2005 on our portal, you won't miss them - they'll be sporting a nice new design. [​IMG]

    You can watch out for E3 threads in these forums in the latest discussions box on the right, just look for the [​IMG] icon!

    GBAtemp's E3 Discussions Forums

    Also note that all videos will be kept and stored on an unlimited-bandwidth server, so you can link to the videos and post them on your websites... click here. Of course it's almost empty at the moment [​IMG]
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