E-reader levels on Super Mario Advance 4 with MULTI5 game

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    I know, it's not directly related to 3DS Rom hacking but it's directly linked to custom VC injection and a specific GBA game, Super Mario Advance 4.

    As you may already know, Super Mario Advance 4 was released on the Wii U eshop with some exclusive levels (they were accessible on the japanese version, only a part of those levels were playable in the US version and none in the european one, even if the data existed in the games.

    Quickly after this release, smart guys found a way to patch the original rom to unlock those 38 levels in the US release of the game.
    After some research, I found that same patch (an IPS file) available for the EUR version.

    It worked but after using this patch, the language selection when the game starts is gone. There is not a lot of text in SMA4 so it's not a major issue but I wanted to have those few dialogues translated in French.

    With a rom and the IPS patch, do you think it is possible to keep the French language and the e-reader levels? If someone already managed to do such thing on this game or on a different one, could you please indicate me how?

    Thank you for your help :)
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    Probably not. Hacking the US game to add more languages would be repeating the work Nintendo already did.
    You're best asking somebody to dump the rom from the EUR Wii U eshop, a multi5 patch can be created from that.
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