Dwarf Fortress

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    Oh, this is fantastic. I just made a sizable investment back in August for the Samsung 244t 24" lcd display to get ready for playing the orange box and I wanted to get rid of the old crt tv in my room. So of course half-life is amazing on it. So is oblivion. And so is every single dvd.

    The real issue is why did I get it when all I have been playing lately is Dwarf Fortress. (I do have cable tv running in pip sometimes but that's not the point.) I have 1920x1200 pixels at my disposal for optical nirvana and I can't stop playing something that makes the gba look "advanced". It doesn't help that today the game was updated too.

    I recommend you all look into it. I could call it a cross between nethack, civilization, anno 1701, and harvest moon but that doesn't really do it any justice. It is one of a kind. Go search reviews on it. dubiousquality.blogspot.com has been raving about it forever.

    I just wish it could do any justice at all to my new sexy monitor.
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    You forgot to add ZZT!