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    Hello fellow dudes and dudettes. Well y'all might already know i'm pretty newbie when it comes to...well anything with the computer...or anything else that has anything to do with things that consumes electricity and whatnot [​IMG] Aaaanyways let's get to the main issue! Well simply put i've got some dvd movies that i'd like to put in my computer, and then be able to burn them out to dvds again later whenever i want....how do i do it and with what etc.?

    Hmm..now that i read the topic myself it sounds like a reeeally stupid question...but everybody knows that there isn't a stupid question (don't even go there) but only stupid answers ......
    aha ha ha ha [​IMG]
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    I use a combo of CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD. They are not free though.

    I also have DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. They are free iirc.

    And I burn with Nero.

    The breakdown:
    CloneDVD2 - Can rip dvds and can shrink them to DVD5 (single layer disc size). Also lets you take out other languages, subtitles, and a few other things, leaving more room for the main movie. It also lets you burn dvds from the files you already have copied.

    AnyDVD - Needed to make CloneDVD2 ignore copyright protection.

    DVD Shrink - Same as CloneDVD2, but I think it's not being updated anymore. It also has more options as to what you can leave out of the DVD. You can even lower the quality of menus and extras, leaving more room for the main movie.

    DVD Decrypter - If DVD Shrink won't read a DVD because of it's copy protection (DVD Shrink gets around older ones, but not some of the newer ones), then usually you can use DVD Decrypter to remove the protection. However, the files will still be in DVD9 size, so you'll have to use Shrink on the newly ripped files if you want to shrink them.

    Otherwise, just look up dvd rip on google and you'll probably find lots of other solutions.
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    I use DVD Decrypter to rip and burn DVDs, and DVD Shrink to fit double layer DVDs onto single layer DVD-Rs (either by splitting them, or recompressing them).

    Both programs are free (and unfortunately no longer developed), search for them and you'll find them pretty easily.
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    General video to DVD I suggest FAVC:

    DVDs are protected so you will need ripping software, courtesy of companies tools seem to be dropping like flies.
    DVD Decrypter, made by the same person as IMGBurn. Perhaps the best of the decrypters. Taken out by Macrovision a while back.
    http://www.doom9.org/ download section has it.

    Ripit4me. DVDs more recently have had so called structure protection. This means corrupt sections get written and when the DVD ripper (and some players for that matter) appears and tries to read and error occurs. Naturally you can skip said junk and all is pretty good (bar the huge bit of junk you now have in you rip, search for Fixvts if you do not want to use a later version of ripit4me). Ripit4me automates this whole process.
    http://forum.doom9.org/ is a place to find this (normally on a rapidshare style site), or if you are having great difficulty you can tap me for it.

    There are a bunch of other ways but this one works and works well.

    Now you can get a shiny DVD image but you will likely find it about 5-9 gigs: too much for a single layer DVD.
    DVDShrink, popular thought has it that this became Nero Recode. It drops stuff and compresses the video to make it fit on a small DVD.
    http://www.doom9.org/ has it (main site got taken down by macrovision (yeah the same one as above) a while back)

    If you are after a bit more complexity DVD rebuilder it there, instead of compressing the stream this re-encodes it making for a slightly better image. Time taken is more and DVD shrink is great so try that first.

    It gets more complex the more you dig into it but this should get you started and will enable you to make great rips.

    For further stuff look up:
    vobblanker: This can blank stuff out of DVDs (much like dropping extras with DVD shrink), useful if you want to lose the copy this DVD and beware the red dot message while keeping menus with DVD Shrink as well as few more advanced things.
    PCGEdit: complex as you like but you will not find anything more powerful outside of a $50K video lab. http://download.videohelp.com/r0lZ/pgcedit/
    Ifoedit, vobedit: some more simplified tools useful for cutting up stuff and doing simple things, more simple but more limited the PCGEdit.
    Rejig: a more complex version of DVD shrink so to speak.

    All programs are free (or have marginally limited free versions) and I use them all the time.
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    Dec 5, 2005
    Awww i knew you guys would know the answers! Can't think of anything that peeps in here don't know [​IMG] Thanks btw, really apreciate the help! [​IMG]