Dvd reading problems!?

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  1. zebular

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    Jun 20, 2007
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    Yeah, so a few of games I've burnt RE4, Scarface, for some reason (its really bad in scarface) during the loading and when I am actually in the game I hear the dvd rom going nuts loading like the optical eye is moving ever so slightly back and fourth like 5x a sec and I know that can't be good for it. So my question is, anyone else having this problem or is this even the same on the retail disc, is it my media I'm using, the mod chip compat with the dvd media!?!? I have NO idea at this point.

    specs- wiikey and using sony DVD-Rs burning at 6x (same problem at 4x) Tried burning the images onto memorex DVD+R and they don't even get recognized
  2. wabo

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    Dec 14, 2003
    I also have this behavior with Scarface. in my case, i think it's because i have Wiifree version 2.24 wich is always working at full read speed. I guess i should reopen the wii and upgrade to 2.45. but i have to go to a friend for that and i'm lazy. But i feel ya, i,m hearing it too and i'm pretty sure it can't be good.

    Only games i've noticed that is red steel and scarface.
  3. HisshouBuraiKen

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    I had the problem with Scarface too, OpenWii 2.2. My drive sounded like it was having a seizure so I ejected it and chucked it in the trash.

    I think it's just a shitty or modified rip, as the ISO was smaller than normal Wii ISOs. It's the only vortex release I've used as a backup so far so it may just be them.