DVD drive external power

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    not too sure if this has been asked in the past, however i do know this has been done, and that it has been done in MANY different ways.
    i want to remove a 360 drive out of my 360 (0800 firmware atm) and hock it into my pc (via sata and molex)... but to do that, i obviously need to power to drive.
    whats the simplest and most easy way to achieve this. best tut?
    id like to point out, im not so good with the complex wiring diagrams, and am more of a visual real picture kinda guy.
    i have enough soldering skills to jtag a console so im not worried about that.

    most guides say something about grounding the 3.3v wires to open/close and for open/close signal or something... this is mostly what i am confused about... what goes where and how.

    thanks for being gentle
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    http://i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa189/y...p/360/sch-1.jpg has a nice pinout on the bottom of the image. Numbering is looking at the 360 DVD drive.

    http://pinouts.ru/Power/sata-power_pinout.shtml has a sata pinout.
    http://pinouts.ru/Power/BigPower_pinout.shtml has a molex.

    The tray open bit is simple enough- unlike most PC dvd drives the eject is triggered by grounding pin 3.
    "grounding the 3.3v wires to open/close and for open/close signal"- if by that you mean attaching 3.3v to the pin 3 that is ill advised as you just need to connect it to ground.

    Your main problem though with trying to use molex power is that it lacks a 3.3v which the 360 DVD drive needs (some older sata drives avoided the need for 3.3V at the cable but as far as I know the 360 is not one of them). You can try and generate it (DC voltage conversion when playing with low voltages is about as basic as electronics gets- http://www.reuk.co.uk/Zener-Diode-Voltage-Regulator.htm ) and you can probably even do it "in wire" without the need for some stripboard/veroboard.

    Assuming then you plump for sata power remember which has 3.3V stuff like http://www.scorptec.com.au/computer/37467-308960 exists (do a bit more searching and you can probably find something better- assuming you do not need the splitter then you just want something with a female sata power connection.

    Once you have this you wire pins 10 and 12 to yellow wires.
    Wire pin 8 to the red wires
    Wire pin 6 to the orange wires
    Wire pins 5,7,9 and 11 to black
    Pin 3 (eject) just needs a short time on ground to tell it to open- take the wire from pin 3 and a wire from one of the grounds (or indeed the black cable on the sata) and either wire it through a switch (push to make preferably but a toggle switch will do as long as you remember to flick it on and then off) or leave them hanging and touch them together. You can pick up said switches in most electronics shops but a quick internet search otherwise https://www.avico.com.au/Push-Button-Switch.html

    If you need a sacrificial power cable DX have them for next to nothing http://www.dealextreme.com/p/dvd-drive-pow...-360-10cm-42313 although you can pick them up from most modding shops and I say make it well and you can tuck it back inside the 360 when the time comes.
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    Sep 12, 2009
    thanks for all that info flash... you save the day yet again. [​IMG]
    i personally have never seen a 5 wire sata power cable... ie, never the 3.3v wire, but that's fine... was gonna regulate the 5v to 3.3v somehow...
    thanks for the explanation for most of the stuff here too.
    very well done