DVD 5 with WiiKey 1.9b

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    I did the following and created a perfect working disk for Wiinja deluxe. (So I know it works)

    My question is, what will have to be done to the ISO (trunsha...etc..) to make it work with WiiKey 1.9b (not 1.9g).

    My friend upgraded to 1.9g and the WiiKey didn't work, so he's back to 1.9b. Any thoughts?

    This patch was made with the command line program, xdelta:
    ÂÂ http://code.google.com/p/xdelta/wiki/CommandLineSyntax
    To use:
    1) Place the three files in same dir
    ÂÂ - xdelta_ssbb_dvd5_vv_patch
    ÂÂ - your SSMB dvd 9 iso from WIIZARD. I renamed mine to "ssbb_dvd9.iso" for ease. I don't 
    ÂÂÂÂ know if xdelta can handle spaces in filenames.
    ÂÂ - xdelta3.0t.x86-32.exe, included
    2) go to a cmd line with start / run... / cmd
    3) from the cmd line browse to the dir where your 3 files are 
    4) execute the following, using the correct filenames:ÂÂ
    ÂÂÂÂ xdelta3.0t.x86-32.exe -d -s [dvd9 iso image] [patch file] [new dvd5 iso to be made]
    ÂÂ Here is what I used:ÂÂ
    ÂÂÂÂ xdelta3.0t.x86-32.exe -d -s ssbb_dvd9.iso xdelta_ssbb_dvd5_vv_patch new.iso
    5) burn the newly created iso (ex. new.iso) using ImgBurn at 2.4x or 4x.ÂÂIf you are nervous that 
    ÂÂ the new file isn't good,you can open it in Trucha Signer to confirm it is a valid file.