Dutch and french translator here.

Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by Lexter_ian, Mar 17, 2008.

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    If anybody needs a dutch,french to english translator,then contact me bellow:


    Doubt anybody needs one but saw someone who needed a dutch translator last year on another forum.
    Just to let it out in the open.
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    Given there are just over 100 games in/with Dutch and only about 12 are even worth thinking about (the others are mainly bad film/tv show cash ins) I am sure your skills could be put to use if you are up for it.

    Likewise a lot of the French translations of US titles have read not much better than your average babelfish attempt (although it is usually cleared up but the Euro release they are often months away and still suffer the same fate of being butchered for a "target audience" not usually found in these sort of circles) so if you are up for cleanup/retranslation that would also be great. Not to mention it is possible to do the undubs/language insertions back to the Japanese rom (normally because they have more video/online/are harder/easier/smaller....) which do not tend to get to get done for anything other than English.

    Did you have a preferred title/genre or has one of the existing projects caught your interest?

    Also do you think it would be worth a request thread?

    For what it is worth I am fairly well versed in French (not quite translator level but I can hold my own) and what would your thoughts be on being part of a translation team (there are a fair few Dutch and French speakers around here who have expressed dismay at the quality provided/lack of games). Oh and I am probably best suited to being a hacker.