Dusting off the 'ol Nintendo Wii

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    It's been quite a while and I haven't touched my Nintendo Wii in eternity. I thought I'd dust it off and give it a whirl again...but it has been so long, I don't even know what all I have installed on it. From what can be gathered, it's a 4.0U firmware (native region), with quite a few forwarders installed on the main menu with a handful of other WAD files. It's running Homebrew Channel v1.0.2. I know that for a while there I was screwing with a handful of custom IOS setups to get little tweaks like loading burned ISOs from the disc channel (CIOSCorp IIRC). Supposedly CIOSCorp is preventing some update for HBC. I believe I may have installed Bootmii as well, when it came out and was "the big thing". The Wii also has a 500 GB WD external HDD with a 100 GB WBFS partition for games, a 30 GB partition for other media to be loaded off of (namely ROMs for emulation), and a 270 GB partition just for whatever else (namely PC files). I've been told that the WBFS has been put to the wayside for some new fancy loader that allows loading off FAT32, though my preference would be NTFS.

    So, I've got a trainwreck here. I want to get this back to be as fresh as possible. I'm thinking straight HBC, no fancy cIOS junk. How should I go about virginizing it (almost)?

    In an unrelated note, I want to backup my Windwaker GCN ISO and give it a whirl in Dolphin...but the last loader I have is some ancient Waninkoko one that takes like 4 hours for a GCN disc and only will dump to SD in parts, and decides it'll fail if the system shuts off or whatever, so no continuation if interrupted.

    To somewhat tl;dr this, I want

    -An almost back to virginized Wii (remaining HBC)
    -Get my WBFS files to an NTFS partition and wipe the WBFS partition clean and merge with NTFS
    -Rip my GCN ISO with the most efficient loader
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    Download NUS Auto Downloader from my signature, and...

    Here's a couple paragraphs of my guide that was 'banned' awhile back (before I learned the rules here). The following paragraphs are 'clean' so it should be fine now [​IMG]

    • Gamecube Disk to Hard Drive

    The fastest way to copy a game off of an original (or backup) Gamecube Disk to an SD card or a USB device is to use SuperDump. Insert the game you want to rip, load super dump via homebrew, if using a USB device press up to change output from SD to USB (make sure it's plugged in the bottom USB port, and make sure USB drives and SD cards are formatted as fat 32). You can also set the part number with "1" (in case you've already copied part of the game you can pick up where you left off), part size with "2" and the game disk type with "B" (in this case – Gamecube). If you're device has enough free space (1.35 GB for Gamecube DVD's and 4.37GB for Wii Single-Layer (SL) DVD and almost 8 GB for Wii Dual-Layer (DL) DVDs) then you can change the part size to be very large so you only get one part. If you decide to split the game into multiple parts, you will need to join the part-files when you are finished dumping the game using "HJ Split" on your PC. Once you have configured all your settings, hit A. When it's completed press the home button to restart your Wii. Using your PC, rename the file from ABCD.bin to gamename.iso, then either burn the image to disk, or create a Multigame ISO using WiiTools' Gamecube Multigame ISO creator then burn the image to disk.

    • Wii/Gamecube Disk to PC via WiFi Connection

    Another way to dump a Wii/Gamecube game is to run DVD Dumper via HomeBrew or the DVD Dumper Channel. This is the best method to use if you do not have enough free space on your SD card or USB device. You will be asked for your dump method (SD, USB) or (WiFi Connection). Note that USB dumps do not work (at least for me); SD dumps work, but take a lot longer than using SuperDump. Choose WiFi Connection. It will then ask for the disc type; GameCube, Wii Single-Layer, or Wii Dual-Layer. After you select the disc type, insert the disc if you haven't already, after it loads press any button to continue. It will then give you your Wii's URL, open your web browser, (FireFox works best, Internet Explorer has been reported to run into errors) and type in the Wii URL you were given. You will then be given the option to restart the Wii or save the ISO. Click Save ISO and save it anywhere on your computer. GameCube games usually take 40 - 50 minutes and Wii games usually take 3-4 hours.