Dusted off 2 wii consoles that both used to work fine. now not so much

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    Both are running 4.0u and i remember installing almost everything the same on both except i installed bootmii onto one. bear with me here because i modded these in like January of this year and i forgot everything i had to relearn.

    So for the first one it appears things were deleted from the sd card at some point. i only have apps and config folder. config is empty. apps still has usbloader and whatever programs i used to mod and update cios stuff to get usbloader gx working. that one boots fine into main menu but when i click the usbloader channel it just goes to a black screen. Im not even sure where to start with this one. i know the cios files and such will be the same from the other wii sd card but i cant remember if some of the stuff i need to copy back onto the card is specific to this wii. or do i just need to copy the card from the other one?

    the second wii still has all files for sd card intact and when i try to load usbloader it at least comes up and tries to load usbloader but ends up having memory dump error with all the letters and numbers, i think the problem was that i installed and set a minecraft skin theme for usbloader and something is wrong with the theme, im pretty sure it stopped working and rather then fix it i swapped it with the other unit.... i have no idea how to try and revert usbloader to default theme. i looked at the different config files but the ones i found only referenced the location to look for themes. im not 100% that its my problem but i remember the last time that one worked i had just installed some themes and applied one of them

    I made sure to also check that my hdd is working. i use the same hdd for whichever wii im using. it loaded up in wbfs manager on my pc fine so i dont think thats an issue
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    Instead of trying to mess with configuration settings for your usbloader on your PC just redownload it and replace the old usbloader folder in your apps folder.

    As for the missing files, when you modded your Wii it writes to the system memory (nand). The SD card is needed to run separate apps. So if you try running something like say usbloader gx and the SD card is missing then the Wii would attempt to load it and then reset once it detects no .dol file is present.
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    USB Loader GX? You probably just need to update the USB loader and install the newest forwarder channel, older versions of the forwarder channel no longer work with the newest USB Loader GX version.