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    I screwed up my Gameboy Advance SP a few years ago when I replaced the housing.

    I got greedy. My original screen had a few scratches, so I thought I'd go ahead replace the screen. I did not have the steady hand to do a quick and easy installment. I took forever, and screwed up my screen.
    - I got a bunch of dust stuck inside. Then, I tried to clean the actually LCD and applied too much pressure or something. There are some black spots/burn marks on the screen now.

    Anyway, I don't know if this can be repaired (the black marks), so I want to do a new screen installment. I have the steady hand now.

    I have the original Gameboy Advance SP. The AGS 001 model. I prefer this backlit version tbh, as it is not as bright and is clearer for my eyes. Plus, I won't have to do any complex modding with the AGS 101 model.

    Any tips on how install a new screen with no dust?
    - If I can't buy a new LCD for this AGS 001 model, I might just redo a cleaner installment of the protective LCD screen.

    Anyone know where I can buy a 001 LCD?
    - Also, if I were to buy a 001 backlit LCD off of eBay or something, does it already have the protective screen on it? Or will I have to apply that myself?
    - Will it work exactly like my old 001?
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