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    This may seem like an odd dilemma, but here it goes.

    I purchased a PSP slim some time ago along with a Pandora battery. The battery is said to work with both a slim and fat PSP. I've since successfully installed custom firmware on my PSP, as well as converted my own PSX games ( even customizing icons and music and the like), and installed a host of emulators.

    My brother calls today and said he has also bought a PSP and would like for me to do the same to his. He checks over the phone and it turns out that it's the original version of the handheld, running what I think is the latest firmware, 4.something.

    My question is whether I follow the same process I did for my slim, or if this whole thing is simplified somehow because I now have a PSP with custom firmware that I can somehow use.

    Before, I had to create a magic memory stick, downgrade, and install from there. Since I deleted the files, I'll obviously have to make another stick, which is a hassle. But does the process remain the same? This original tutorial I followed is located here.

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    I believe since he has a higher FW it's the same, but you should check the 'best psp guide' for information regarding it. Honestly why bother changing the method if it works fine? I mean seriously, so far the person who modded my first one had modded old and new alike with the same method, no problem.
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