1. giovany86

    OP giovany86 Advanced Member

    Oct 31, 2016
    Hello everyone, today i'me here to ask two simple questions :

    Is it possible to dump the xbox 360 nand with an arduino ? If yes, How to do it ?

    soldering is not a problem, i have the necessary soldering skills :)
    My JR Programmer is cominc between October and November (Yeah, it come from china :D ) but i don't want to wait because i bough a "broken" Jasper, just need to flash the drive with the correct key because the old owner changed it without flashing the dvd key and of course i don't have the old drive, so RGHing the console is the only way to repair it x)
    i hope i don't have said mistakes (my english is not perfect), and thanks for reading, have a nice day / noon / night x)
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