Dumping of CycloWiz Begun

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    Dumping of CycloWiz Begun


    Sitting at home bored on a rainy Sunday, what would you do? Well one person decided to spend their Sunday taking a shot at dumping the CycloWiz.

    The released PDF file includes screenshots that only the technically minded would understand, but it shows a start to dumping the CycloWiz. The author tantalises readers by ending part one with "An from here, you are on your own."

    If the CycloWiz were dumped it would pave the way for cheap imitations.

    Meanwhile Team Cyclops said they will demonstrate the update feature of the CycloWiz in "the next few days, as there seems there is a demand for it." The team also promises that they are working hard on the D2B chipset problem and there should be an update on the matter very soon.

    [​IMG] CycloWiz Dumping Part 1 (PDF)

    [​IMG] Source

    [​IMG] Official CycloWiz Website

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    I wait for news all day and this is all I get? Oh well.
    Hopefully they will prove its updatable and not just a scheme they tried to pull.
    Stupid Boring Sundays. (SBS)
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    Jun 6, 2006

    So that's like 5 people here? [​IMG]

    Interesting reading... not so much a dump of the chip (Not sure how hard it would be to dump the config out of the FPGA.. but why the hell was an FPGA used when a low clocked MCU would have done the job???) but at least shows how it works. I wonder if there's any difference between the commands sent to the drive between the different chips.
  4. shaffaaf27

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    i wish i understood what he was saying. i mean WFT is FPGA?
  5. Foxstar

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    Sep 14, 2005
    More like what isn't FPGA. It stands for Fish Puddle Ginger Ant.........I think. Meh, i wish i could understand all that crap too. Looks interesting.
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    Tennesee, US
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    Interesting read, not that I understand all of it, but atleast half [​IMG]

    I'm just waiting for a better chip to come out, region free is still what most ppl are looking for, atleast us europeans that have to wait months for games.

    Please dear Team Xecuter, start to develop a Wii chip [​IMG]

    Edit: Spelling
  8. ChowMein

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    Nov 14, 2006
    The guide was way over my head...

    At the end it looked like he highlighted ten bytes which were markedly different from the remaining. Is that the overflowed cyclowiz code or just my imagination?
  9. xabier

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    Dec 10, 2006
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    lol... nothing about this on maxconsole [​IMG]
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    Hmm and here I thought it might be SEM time again. My knowledge of electronics focuses more on low level stuff (as in building electronics not applying them) but it does seem to make sense.

    @RAM you already got the answer but it stands for field programmable gate array and is a method of creating custom "chips" that can do just about anything another chip can (even a theoretical one) albeit not as quickly (see all the DSx market speak although tone it down some), your old passme 1/2 devices will use a minor variation called a CPLD and the original passme by darkfader used a FPGA.

    @moshii I guess it comes down to what you can get your hands on and what you know.
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    -.- I do not have a .pdf reader.
  12. FAST6191

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    @imgod22222 off topic I know but I highly suggest you do not look adobes way and grab yourself a copy of foxit reader instead (in my opinion it is infinitely better than adobes junk):