Dumping my own games and saves?

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    I'm new... sorry.

    I've got an EZFlash V and a 3in1 and have a few questions about how to do some (probably) basic stuff:

    Dump my... DS games, DS saves, GBA games, GBA saves... onto my memory card/my Mac (I do not have access to a PC).

    Play GBA games wit this setup (is this basically just an emulator for GBA games?).

    Do you have to patch or do anything to firmware/emulators other than just copy them to the memory card?
  2. CZroe

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    Nov 9, 2007
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    I had these same basic questions when I got my M3 DS real last year, but I still had to figure out alot of this myself. [​IMG]

    I use Rudolph's tool for making backups to my Datel Max Media Dock. I used the version patched to work with the MMD, but there are versions for everything else, even WiFi (just download the DLDI-compatible one and patch it for the 3in1). My CF card is only 128MB, so I can't dump every game on it, but it came in very useful for saving and loading from my real games. I dropped the tool on the M3r's microSD card and boot it from there.

    When I copied the save backups on the M3r and renamed them to work with the backups, some worked but most didn't. The M3r save converter didn't work at all, but the online save converter website did (I selected "RAW" as the type I had - guessed right). As for getting it on your slot 1 card properly saved and converted for your backups, I dunno if/how that's possible. My M3r can't read the MMD, so I can't experiment. Heck, it was hard enough to get it converted using a PC (converter didn't work, forums didn't help, etc)!
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    For backing up DS games and saves, use Rudolph's NDS Backup Tool. You can use the Wifi version which dumps to your PC (very slow) or the 3in1 version that dumps in 32 MB increments. Convert save files with the online Shunyweb converter.

    For backing up GBA games and saves, use Rudolph's GBA Backup Tool (whaddya know).