Dumping Gamecube Discs - What is the best way to do it?

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    I have a Luigi's Mansion Jap disc that I'd like to dump for use in Nintendont. What can I use to dump it these days?
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  3. emuman100

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    May 12, 2006
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    consider this a newbie's perspective
    It's much easier to use USB Loader GX. Stick disc in & rip.

    My impressions weren't helped by the fact that:
    1) CleanRip 2.0 couldn't detect my NTFS-formatted 1TB drive (a pedestrian Seagate ST1000DM003). I tried 2 different versions of CleanRip before deciding it was a lost cause. Similar incidents online. Meanwhile, no problems with USB Loader GX
    2) Weeks later, I tried changing my hard drive to a Western Digital WD3200AAKS. Finally success.
    3) ...only to be greeted with requests for DAT files in CleanRip - for verification. A nice feature but necessary? My Wii is offline so I had to chase these DAT files up. The Wii DAT file was not on redump.org, so I had more fun chasing that down just to get CleanRip to shut up about it. Yes you can say NO to the DAT files but I prefer no nags in the first place
    4) CleanRip didn't detect the DAT files. I stuck the DAT files to the root of the drive but they were not named gc.dat and wii.dat (which CleanRip likes). When I downloaded them they had their file dates in the name of the file, so I had to rename them for CleanRip
    5) finally I was able to rip with CleanRip without nags, though not without another round of choices and a nag to check the latest DAT file before ripping.
    6) the CleanRip GUI is rudimentary
    7) CleanRip has a timed nag when starting up the program

    I do like the way it tells you how long the rip took. But not much else. Though I might be too 'green' to its advantages.

    It might be the disc ripper of choice but I found it lacking in detecting my hard drive and in the usability and configurability department. There are easier ways of ripping your collection. It must be said I only modded my Wii for the first time this month, so consider these just 'newbie' impressions.
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