Dual Vita tricks | Install VHBL on latest firmware (multiple methods)

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    I am making this tutorial to raise awareness a little, and in particular regarding HackInformer's decision to pretty much make his method of VHBL install very obscure. Yes, the instructions are avaible, but a clear cut tutorial has not been made (regrouping and testing most scenarios has already taken me several hours.) If parts of this tutorial are not accurate, please be sure to comment: this works in theory, but might hit some unknown roadblocks that I haven't encountered in practice.

    Also, this is basically unpatchable by Sony unless they install either a new layer of security with CMA that we can't edit or they just patch out the exploit allowing to launch VHBL. I personally think they will take the former option, as this is a rather dumb overlook and is probably currently the most flexible thing we can do with the Vita right now.

    Credit to HackInformer and Voxel Studios for the linked tutorials.

    Here is what you require:
    • A Vita on latest firmware (your Vita if you're following this tutorial) - will be referred as LFV, latest firmware vita
    • A Vita on an exploitable firmware that can use MailWriter (3.51 max) - will be referred as "EFV", exploitable firmware vita. (Note that you do NOT need to have the Vita in your physical possession: all these tricks can be done by someone else who owns the EFV, as all you're going to transfer is tailored backups and games. In the case that you're doing this remotely, when getting your game backup, be sure to place it in the appropriate CMA folder in your PC)
    • QCMA
    • An USB cable
    • Either one or two memory cards (this will be easier with two.) For the purposes of this guide, the Vita's internal storage is referred as a memory card.
    • A dummy PSP/Mini game on the account
    Game transfer
    This abuses the fact that game backups are not Vita restricted to transfer an hacked game. The aim of this will be to transfer the CMA backup of your hacked game onto the LFV.

    The EFV will first have to backup his system (if he wants to preserve his system, back up first) then link his Vita to the LFV using this guide. He will need the LFV's PSN account creds to link the EFV.

    Then, he will have to follow this guide up to Part 3. This will get him the VHBL bubble onto his system.

    Finally, he will have to refer to this guide to make a backup of the VHBL'd game and transfer it onto the latest firmware vita (LFV => EFV section).

    Estimated time: 15 min

    Method 2 is a WIP, please be patient.
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    Interesting. Seems like our best bet for homebrew for a while
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    Yeah, currently game transfer is the only method avaible. I'm almonst done figuring out how the backup transfer method works (the one HackInformer uses and charges for), only need some testing material.

    Backup transfer is more advantageous as it also allows to transfer some other shit (not only hacks, but also games themselves) leading to piracy for the first time ever.

    Looking at it, I kind of understand why HackInformer wants to keep the method obscure, it's both obscenely hard and long to do and incredibly powerful at the same time.
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    Hi guy! It is working in fw 3.57? My account is North american

    It came from my prime gram using fuckstaka
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    Yes, this method works on all fw.
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    I have vita 1k and vita TV but both of them on 3.60 . So sad .
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