DSZhongwen v1.0b

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    DSZhongwen v1.0b

    Brush up on your Chinese language skills

    GBAtemp member rrc2soft has informed me that he has released version 1.0b of his homebrew app 'DSZhongwen'. rrc2soft states that it is not a full blown course in itself, rather DSZhongwen is a clever little app that should aid anyone who is currently learning Mandarin Chinese.[title:DSZhongwen 1.0b]DSZhongwen is a small "homebrew" application for the Nintendo DS, aimed to help you in learning the basics of mandarin chinese. It should not be considered as a course by itself (we are learning the basics of chinese, as of 2007 ^_-), but only as a tool for aiding you in strengthening your knowledge of the chinese language.

    Version v1.0b:

    - New exam added: "Meaning". Check if you know the correct hanzi associated with a certain meaning.

    - Minor bugs fixed.

    - All ideograms from my elemental chinese class have been added (26 lessons).
    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Home page

    Thanks to rrc2soft himself for the news!

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    Me, To You
    Spanish option and happy faces? [​IMG]
    *two thumbs up*
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    Nice. [​IMG]

    Are there something like this in japanese too?
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    On the homebrew arena: KanaDS, DSLearnJ, ProjectJDS.

    Search'em. Use'em. Enjoy'em [​IMG]
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    All right!
    With this, I can translate that letter and continue my search for Lan Di!
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    Unfortunately, Lan Di is already dead, sorry.