DSTWO+ on 3DS (v11.6.0-39)

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    Hi friends,

    I'm on my way to get the best setup on my n3dsXL!

    I have a DSTwo+ supercard that I use on my old DS, but Im afraid to try it on the 3DS since I read somewhere it can brick the console.

    Can an expert tell me if it's safe to use on the latest firmware (11.6.0-39E) with b9s and luma?
    Will it run DS games at full speed?

    This is a little bit confusing to me:
    I read that if I use gateway feature it will brick te console.
    The gateway feature is used by the DSTwo+ on DS or 3DS mode? or both? How do I change modes anyway?
    If I can use it on DS mode, what can I do to prevent bricking or entering the 3DS mode by mistake?
    Is any possibility to run 3ds roms with the card with this setup? If not, is it possible for supercard team to release a new firmware for DSTwo+ to support the latest 3ds firmware?
    And for last... what about the SNES and GBA emulator feature? will it work?

    Many Thanks
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    you can use it as a DS cartridge, but not as a 3DS cartridge, since the gateway feature has not been updated since 11.2

    best bet is to install CFW on your 3ds, and install games directly via freeshop onto a 64GB SD card in the actual system
    if it's 11.3 or lower when you buy it, you can install cfw for free

    and use the DStwo+ as a DS only cartridge as it's one of the best cards for that, even better than the R4i's
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